How it works

Brainstorm your training topics

Brainstorm the topics that you want to teach, just as they come into your mind. Group your topics using drag and drop.

Collect raw ideas and material in a central, safe place

Write down your ideas and raw material as notes in our easy-to-use rich text editor, or copy/paste material that you already have.

Upload photos, audio, video, and more

Upload images, recordings, videos, presentations, and more. Add them to notes and add your ideas about them, using the WYSIWYG editor.

Highlight important concepts of your raw material

Mark the important pieces in the rich text editor. Let Trainer's Joy automatically collect all those highlights that relate to the same teachable concept.

Turn each concept into learning activities

Create didactic material or learning activities for each concept that you highlighted. The highlights, automatically linked to the raw material, will help you to design good material and activities.

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